An example of rich picture


Rich picture description

In the rich picture is described the previous (problematic) situation of student attendance process. We can see that since the start of the academic period all the students from all the past years goes to the university’s central office (or the secretariat) to do registration and arrange some other operations about the studies. This process creates sometimes big tail of students which waits a lot of time and concurrently creates big distress to the staff. It is remarkable that the problem is exists during all the academic period. All the operational responsibility has the staff and the information system is old an unconscious. Result of this organization is that all the processes are semi – automated. If someone wants information must ask someone from the staff and all the records are in paper form. The administration because there isn’t an integrated system can’t control some cost’s like the cost of paper and haven’t an integrated view of the university. The result of this problem is shared between the students who haven’t the best quality of services, the teachers which lose time to arrange something like timetables. The staff because have a lot of jobs and processes and finally the university administration can’t have good feedback and can’t organize properly the study programme.

This a (very) small part of a case stude with title:“Development and organization of a University Student Attendance System. Requirements Analysis, proposal solution through UML charts and possibly approaches of development”


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